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Steel plate for mold

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Cheap, easy to find without the use of expensive alloying elements.

Has a certain general mechanical properties suitable for common conditions.

Having good technology: easy to cast, roll, forge, spin, weld, and cut (compared to alloy steel).

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Alloy steel is a steel that contains in it an appropriate amount of alloying elements. Special elements are intentionally added in a certain amount to change the structure and properties of steel. Special elements are called alloying elements: Cr, Ni, Mn, Si, W, V, Co, Mo, Ti, Cu. It is thanks to the alloying elements that make alloy steel in general have outstanding advantages over carbon steel such as:

– In terms of mechanics: alloy steel in general has a higher strength than carbon steel. This was especially evident after tempering and tempering.

– Regarding high temperature resistance: alloy steel retains high mechanical properties of quenching state at temperatures higher than 2000C. To achieve this, steel must be alloyed by a relatively high number of elements.

– The special physical and chemical properties such as magnetism, thermal expansion, corrosion resistance …

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