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Frequently asked questions

1. What should I do if I want to buy goods?

When you want to buy an item at VXD, you can go to the nearest VXD store or representative warehouse to buy directly, call the office or place an order on the website (Purchase instructions can be found at link below:)

2. Can I buy products from far away? VXD have delivery?

VXD delivery nationwide collection, free delivery for invoices from 100 million or more, so you can rest assured purchase offline

3. I don’t know which one to choose with the right specifications?

If you are wondering which one to choose for the project and the size and usage, please see the following link for details:

4. How can I trust that when I transfer money, I will receive the goods?

Unlike some shops that only sell products floating on the Internet with unknown addresses. VXD is a store system with a specific address posted on the website of the shop. Especially, VXD uses the delivery service to collect money at the project, when the customer receives the goods, they will pay, so the risk is 0%. Reputation and goods quality assurance as well as customers’ interests are always VXD’s top criteria.

5. Does the goods on VXD guarantee the quality and design?

Goods at VXD are always committed and guaranteed of quality so you can be assured. When VXD delivers the goods, the customer can check the product. If not, they can refuse to accept it. VXD will exchange goods upon request

6. I want to go to the Shop to buy directly

You can go directly to the shop at the addresses of the VXD system at the bottom of the website, opening hours from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily (including Sunday)

7. I have purchased goods, can I be exchanged if I am not satisfied?

Purchases you have been exchanged within 2 days, provided that the exchanged goods must be 100% new and have not been used. VXD does not handle cases of exchanging used goods or cases of returning goods.

8. How long will I receive the goods?

Depending on your shipping address, your delivery time is in working time. Usually receiving the order is for immediate delivery, the delivery time is equal to the shipping time to the work or your house (See also the delivery time at the following link:)

9. Why is my item still not received now?

Depending on your receiving address, the delivery time may be late. However, in some cases that arise unexpectedly (natural fire, incorrect delivery address, no receiver, unable to contact the recipient …), the delivery will not be on time. Please contact the shop, VXD will check with the shipping company to confirm the information & deliver the goods back to you as soon as possible.

10. Does the shop have a store in the province?

Currently, the transaction points are in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Vung Tau. Other provinces VXD will expand in the coming time. You can order and pay from all over the provinces in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, East Asia … etc …, VXD can deliver on-site through professional carriers.