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Tiles are used in construction

Suggest 5 types of tiles used in construction

Most of the housing construction works are using tiles. This type of construction material not only helps protect but also decorate the building more beautiful.

On the market, there are many types of paving bricks with their own characteristics, suitable for the use of different spaces. However, there are four types that are commonly used today: cool bricks, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, glass polished tiles and natural stone. Along refer to the following article to grasp the market trend for your home.

Glass ball bricks

Glass ball bricks also have other names as quartz bricks, homogeneous bricks, … are types of unglazed tiles, the main structural component is stone powder. Tiles are more limited in color compared to other types of bricks.

This type of tile should not be used for lining near or in contact with water such as forecasts, bathrooms because it is very slippery. If you want to use it, you should choose a rock with a rough surface. The size of glass ball bricks used by many people today is 30 × 60 cm, 60 × 60 cm. The popular selling price is from 170 to 180 thousand VND / m2.

Ant tiles should not be lined near or in contact with water such as the front yard, the bathroom because it is very slippery

The outstanding advantage of this tile is that it has a high surface hardness so it has better bearing capacity than other types of tiles. This tile is also resistant to scratches, anti-fouling, easy to clean, reduces openings and brings high aesthetics.

Glass tile is often used in crowded places, luxury or easy to clean places such as hall, living room, staircase, cabinet or kitchen shelf, creating elegance and cleanliness for the interior of the room.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are chosen by many people today because of some good properties and reasonable prices. It has a relatively cheap price compared to glass tile, only 120 – 160 thousand VND / m2 of brick.

Solid ceramic tiles stand out with their good properties and affordable prices

This is a very popular product, consisting of an enamel coating on the bone surface of the brick. Floor tiles have properties such as low water absorption, anti-slip resistance. Brick has a high gloss so it is easy to clean, creating a cool feeling for the room.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic brick or many people still call “ba Tau” brick, because it is made from terracotta. The main composition of this brick includes 70% clay, 30% stone powder and penphate. Ceramic tiles are suitable for tiling for outdoor living areas such as front yard, backyard or terrace. The type with a pattern of fake grass, square is used a lot.

Ceramic tiles have a high price of 300,000 VND / m2

Ceramic has a high selling price of about 300,000 VND / m2 of brick, depending on the specific model and size. Ceramic tiles have a color that is always durable in extreme weather conditions, does not fade with time, does not crack, or mold. The color is bright and eye-catching so it is highly aesthetic. However, due to its high water absorption, the tiles are often stained and have poor scratch resistance.

Natural stone

Currently on the market there are a number of natural stones commonly used in construction, interior design such as Granite, Marble, Onix … Natural stone also has many applications such as can be used for flooring, wall cladding, cladding. Stairs, kitchen tables, auxiliary structures, hallways, swimming pools, or used for decoration.

Granite has the advantage of hardness, which is very suitable for exterior cladding of buildings, corridors, walkways, but lags behind other stones in color. Marble has beautiful colors, rich patterns, but the hardness is not high, often used to paving the living room, dining table, kitchen counter, auxiliary works … Onix stone with beautiful lines, eye-catching colors and luster light can penetrate, often used to decorate and create highlights of buildings. The selling price of this type of paving stone is also very high, ranging from 300,000 to several million VND / m2.

Cool bricks

Cool brick is an ultra-light material with high thermal and sound insulation properties. The product is composed of PU (Polyurethane) in the middle and a special texture of cement on the two surfaces of the product.

Cool brick – super light material for heat insulation, high sound insulation

Cool bricks are used for walls, ceilings, roofs, floors, and walls. For floors, products used for floor cladding, molded fake floors, attic or used for lining / lifting the floor … and construction items as required by customers.

In addition to the function of high sound insulation, the Cool Gach also helps to reduce the load, reduce labor costs, minimize damage to areas with earthquakes, and increase to> 3% of useful usable area. , bring great benefits to both Investor and users.