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Film coating production process


Vietnam Construction Board Company has many years of experience with modern production process and distribution of COFFA board products for construction, suitable products for office buildings. , high-rise apartment buildings, factories … Buildings requiring high aesthetic properties, etc.

Our products have been sent to QUATEST 3 Technical Center for Quality Measurement.

Processing materials and manufacturing process of Film-coated COFFA board:

1 Film-coated COFFA Plywood:
Made from a number of layers of A grade and each layer of plywood after being coated with water-resistant glue and cooled down for a few hours and then put into the hot press to form, continue to be put into the sanding machine for the face. The board is flat, then coated with a thin film of phenolic formaldehyde under the effect of heat and pressure.The film will adhere to the surface of the board, then switch to sawing to cut corners and spray paint at four edge of the board, so the COFFA Film-covered board, after going through the above production processes, will be very beautiful and durable, reusable many times suitable for high-end construction.

2 Film:
It is a water-resistant Phenolic-coated paper film that helps to create gloss, reduce scratches and protect the board during use.

3 Film Origin:
Our company brown film is directly imported from Finland.

Black film imported from China.

4 Guts:
Using Poplar wood (also known as Aries) has high plasticity, fast growth and often white, yellowish color suitable for simple common construction structures or hardwood lines (also known as Eucalyptus wood) is hardwood, has a high density, does not warp, deform, durable, suitable for high-impact concrete surfaces.

5 Glue:
The glue is mainly 2 types: Phenolic and Melamine, Melamine glue is a popular water-resistant glue that is often used as a water-resistant board, after boiling in water for 6-8 hours and then taking it outside to sun the boards, it will not sprinkle. Grade, high cost phenolic glue, very good water resistance, boil in water for 15 hours or more and then bring out to dry in the sun without peeling the layer of glue, is a common test.

6 Product specifications;
Thickness: 12mm / 15mm / 18mm can be ordered according to specification.

Width x length: 915mmx1830mm, 1220mmx2440mm can be ordered according to specifications.

7 Advantages of the game:

With outstanding advantages in durability, light, easy to cut, easy to nail, install and dismantle, smooth, no need to bowl after concreting and reuse many times, no warping in air conditions hot and humid after …

8 How to preserve the board:

In the process of using or dismantling to avoid scratching the surface of the board and the impact of the board edges, COFFA board is imported to the construction site for outdoor, if not in use, cover up to avoid Rain to avoid the sun affects the longevity during the use of the board, if well preserved to avoid the phenomenon of rain and sun and leave the board in a dry place, it will bring the benefit of increasing the number of rotation of the board.