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Film-coated formwork

Film-coated formwork has the following features

Film-coated board, 18mm high-grade film-coated board, also known as 18mm film-coated coffa board, 18mm film-coated black board, film board. The term special is a formwork formwork concrete or formwork, (in many professional documents, it is often called formwork system including bearing components and formwork, with a broad sense of the word). Concrete casting molds are also called Coffrage by Vietnamese people because they are derived from French, Coffrage, and in English, Form-work. Concrete casting molds are construction equipment, used to cast structures to make concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It is used as formwork in high-end construction projects such as hotels, condominiums, villas, industrial buildings, traffic tunnels, container floor linings, ship floor linings etc.
– The waterproof and concrete flat surface helps the surface of the concrete to be smooth, no need for plastering.
– Light weight, easy to move, easy to cut, easy to install, reduce labor costs, reduce construction time.
– Reusing many times, high economic efficiency, using 7-12 water, depending on the construction site, the board may just wear out without splitting.
– Outstanding load capacity, meeting absolute safety in construction
– Easy to transport, easy to link
Using high-grade 18mm film-coated formwork will reduce construction costs and increase the reputation of contractors for homeowners or investors requiring high quality.

Ván cốp pha phủ phim sau khi cắt ra

Ván cốp pha phủ phim trơn láng không thấm nước

Ván cốp pha phủ phim đang thi công

Specifications 18mm film-coated formwork

Dimensions (length × width): 1220mm × 2440mm

– Thickness: 18mm ± 0.5

– Wood gut: Poplar, glue, rubber, eucalyptus

– Type of wood: AA

– Pressure: 155 tons / m3

– Number of hot pressing times: 02

Glue: WBP (Water Boiled Proof) Melamin and Phenol waterproof adhesive

– Processing 4 edges: Paint waterproof glue

Film type: Black Dynea imported from Singapore and Malaysia.

– Humidity: <12%

– Density: 709kg / m3

– Weight: 38.54 (± 1) kg / sheet

– Modulus of elastic bending according to:

+ Vertical: 6100Mpa

+ Horizontal: 5310Mpa

– Number of times of reuse: From 8 – 15 times
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